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Clary Fray/Fairchild ([personal profile] babyhunter) wrote2017-07-22 03:41 pm

Sixth Iteration Information

Name: Clary Fray/Fairchild-Morgenstern
Canon: The Shadowhunters.
Scrubs Color: Black.

Visible Age: 18
Gender: Female.
Height: 5' 5"
Physique: Beautiful young girl with a slim build. 115lbs. (35-25-33 in)
Complexion: Pale & Fair Skin.
Hygiene: Clean.
Hair: Red.
Eyes: Green.
Defining Marks: Rune's burned into her body.
Accent/Speech: Origin from Brooklyn.
Bearing/Demeanor: Stubborn Strength.
Gait: Surefooted.

Habits: Talks to herself, makes references to nerdy things like anime, manga and syfy.
Skills: Drawing. Painting. Sassing. Swords.-ish.

- - - - - - - - -


Extra Items:
A few reams of paper, quill and inkpot.
A journal that reads 'Don't Panic' on the cover.
- - - - - - - - -

Day to Day activities: Currently looking for something useful to do.

Housing: The Inn…
Roommates: N/A

Possible Point Ideas: Colored Pencils/Pens/Pencils. Sketchbook. Stuff for a banana peppers and pineapple pizza. A knife/multi-tool. Izzy's Clothes.